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Voice - Messages

SMSjunction voice messages - Overview
Trying to coordinate plans with a group of people? With SMSjunction you can set up Groups (of friends, band mates, study group members) and send voice and text messages to all your Group's members at once via one call to SMSjunction. Don't worry, you'll always know when you have a new SMSjunction voice message because we'll send a notification to your mobile phone.

Read below to learn how to make the most of your SMSjunction voice messaging experience.

Sending voice messages
When you sign up for SMSjunction you can immediately start sending voice messages to SMSjunction Groups and members as soon as you join or start a Group. Here's how to send a voice message:

Dial SMSjunction's Voice Message System 877-550-SMSjunction.

Next just choose whether you want to send a message to an individual (a SMSjunction member you share at least one Group with) or a Group you belong to. Either way it's easy to select the particular Group or SMSjunction member to send your message to.

If you choose to send a message to one of your Groups just listen to the menu listing of your Groups and press the appropriate key when you hear your Group name.

If you want to send a text message to someone you share a Group with, type the first five letters of that member's Handle until you hear the Handle repeated back to you.

Now just record your message and press the # key when you're done. Don't worry, you can review, delete, and re-record your message before sending it out.

Once you've sent your voice message, all recipients will automatically get a text notification sent to their wireless device alerting them they have a new voice message from you!

P.S. Channels are one-way only. This means only the Channel founder can send a message out to Channel members. Two-way communication is what Groups are for!

Click here to learn how to send text messages.

Receiving voice messages
You can get your voice messages either on or by dialing into SMSjunction's Voice Message System at 877-550-SMSjunction. No matter where you listen to your voice messages, we'll keep track of whether it is new or not so you don't have to hear it twice. (Duh, unless you want to.)

With SMSjunction, each time you receive a new voice message you'll know immediately because we'll send a text message to your wireless device. We'll also show you the handle of the member who sent it and the name of the Group the message was sent to - so you can decide if you want to listen to it now or later. Don't worry, we'll also include our number 877-550-SMSjunction just in case you've forgotten.

Remember, you can receive a SMSjunction voice message from any SMSjunction member you share at least one Group with. The only type of communication allowed between SMSjunction members who do not share a group is an invite to join a Group. Trust us, we're doing this to protect you.

Listening to voice messages via SMSjunction's Voice Message System

Your first time…
When you first sign up with SMSjunction an validation code will be sent to the wireless device that you have registered. Once you have entered the validation code on you're ready to go. Please note you must register and validate at least one wireless device to be able to log in to our Voice Message System.

Once you have validated your wireless device call 877-550-SMSjunction. To log onto the SMSjunction Voice Message System you'll need to enter your 10-digit mobile phone number (or pager I.D.) and PIN number. If you have forgotten your PIN or Handle, click the "forgot PIN" link on the login page and we'll send them to your outside email address (you know, the one you told us about during registration.)

The first time you dial into the Voice Message System you will be taken through a brief set-up process. This consists of a short overview of the Voice Message System and the opportunity to record your Handle. Once you have completed the set-up we'll also let you know if you've received any invites to Groups, have any new voice messages or need to record the names of any Groups you started.

Listening, for real
To listen to your messages just dial 877-550-SMSjunction, and login. We'll immediately let you know if there are things you need to take care of (your "Alerts") and if you have any new voice messages. And unless you press "0" your new messages will automatically start playing. It's that easy.

Just so you know, you can always press "0" to go the main menu. From there, press 2 to play your messages.

Once a message has finished playing you can reply, replay, get envelope information, delete it or save it. You know, the normal stuff. Even if you delete it, we'll save a copy in your message inbox on for 30 days.

Listening to voice messages on
There are two ways to listen to your voice messages while online: your message inbox (via the Read Messages link on your nav bar) and the SMSjunction Messenger which you can launch by clicking the link on the nav bar.

Listening to voice messages via your Message Inbox
Your SMSjunction message inbox is a little different from a conventional email inbox because you can listen to your SMSjunction voice messages here in addition to reading your text messages!

Also, you don't delete your messages from your SMSjunction message inbox since we automatically keep them on SMSjunction's web site for 30 days from the date you receive them. Think of your inbox as a running list of all the voice messages you've been sent in the last 30 days. So, even if you delete a voice message from the Voice Message System, it will still be saved here (but it won't be marked as "new").

To get to your message inbox, simply click the Read Messages link on your nav bar. Here you can see all the voice (and text) messages sent to you or one of your Groups. These messages will be sorted by most recent message first. Voice messages will be noted by a special icon and only the messages you haven't already heard on the Voice Message System will be marked as "new." Click on the sound icon and your message will start playing. Cool, huh?

If you only want to see messages for a particular Group or Channel you belong to simply go to that Group's or Channel's Home page. There you'll see the message inbox just for that Group. Again, this is sorted most recent message first, text messages and voice messages mixed together.

Listening via the SMSjunction Messenger
Going to be online for a while? Why not redirect your voice messages to the SMSjunction Messenger. Just click the link from the nav bar and instantly all your notifications about new voice messages are automatically routed here instead of your wireless device. Even if you decide you want to surf different sites you'll still know when you have a new SMSjunction voice (or text) message. If you quit your browser, your notifications and messages will automatically be returned back to your wireless device or email (whichever you have specified in your Settings/Devices page).

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